Green Building | Environmental Design | Williamsburg Edge
sustainable living edge is good for the environment


- Energy efficient windows and walls

- Sustainably harvested wood for floor and kitchen cabinetry materials

- EPA watersense toilets and other water efficient fixtures

- EPA energy star rated appliances

- Homes sealed against smoke and odor leakage from adjacent apartments and corridors

- Occupancy sensors for lighting in common areas


- High Percentage of recycled content construction and recyclable finish materials.

- Roof terraces with heat reflective pavers

- More than 75% of construction waste will be diverted from landfills and recycled

- Energy efficient windows and walls


- Underground parking covered with landscaped terraces

- On-site hybrid Zip-Car location for residents

- Bike storage room

- Walking distance to bus stops, subway and water taxi

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Sustainable design, also known as 'green building,' is an alternative to conventional design and construction. Buildings that incorporate sustainable strategies use fewer natural resources, require less energy, save money and create environments that protect human health. For these reasons, sustainable design is fast becoming the reference for smart development, and inspiring new interest in what makes a building 'green.' Deciding this requires complex trade-offs, and in the absence of an accepted definition or standard for 'green,' buyers and consumers might easily be misled by 'greenwashing,' or exaggerated and unverified claims. To address this problem, the u.s. green building council created the leed (leadership in energy and environmental design) rating system.


Homes at The Edge exceed the New York State Energy Conservation Code by 17% and offer filtered air into every apartment. Other notable features include: insulated walls and tall windows; non VOC-emitting interior finishes; individual lighting and temperature controls; FSC-certified hardwood floors, water efficient fixtures; and open kitchens with high quality EPA Energy Star-rated appliances.